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Our company was founded in 1950 and since then we are the leading company in Israel, with regard to supplying quality and prestigious office furniture at attractive prices throughout the country.

Lewis executive chair
499 (426 Before VAT)
GAL Computer Chair
499 (426 Before VAT)
Narkis Computer Chair
490 (419 Before VAT)
Moran computer chair
550 (470 Before VAT)
Gaming chair Weill
999 (854 Before VAT)
585 (500 Before VAT)
Gaming computer chair-Yudah
999 (854 Before VAT)
585 (500 Before VAT)
כסאות גיימינג
Gaming chair-Luckas
999 (854 Before VAT)
585 (500 Before VAT)
X Computer Chair
599 (512 Before VAT)
Oliver computer chair
650 (556 Before VAT)
Hermon Executive Chair
700 (598 Before VAT)
Venus Computer Chair
650 (556 Before VAT)
Kaisar Executive Chair
749 (640 Before VAT)
כסא מזכירה
Millennium Computer Chair
699 (597 Before VAT)
Yuval with padded back
699 (597 Before VAT)
Gaming chair Americano
999 (854 Before VAT)
799 (683 Before VAT)
Topaz guest chair
800 (684 Before VAT)
White Jupiter Computer Chair
850 (726 Before VAT)
Window Computer Desk
750 (641 Before VAT)
Apollo executive chair for computer
1,299 (1,110 Before VAT)
Tokio desk-1.40/70
1,950 (1,667 Before VAT)
1,500 (1,282 Before VAT)
Ortal Vitrine Cabinet
1,900 (1,624 Before VAT)
1,750 (1,496 Before VAT)
Osaka office desk
1,750 (1,496 Before VAT)
Office Style Conference Table
1,700 (1,453 Before VAT)
Leary working desk
1,850 (1,581 Before VAT)
Computer desk with a cross legs
1,899 (1,623 Before VAT)
Rome desk manager
1,900 (1,624 Before VAT)
Tokio manager desk-1.60/80
2,200 (1,880 Before VAT)
Netanel Leather Executive Chair
2,300 (1,966 Before VAT)
Leather Executive Chair Aviv
2,300 (1,966 Before VAT)
דלפקי קבלה
New York Reception desk
3,500 (2,991 Before VAT)
2,999 (2,563 Before VAT)
כסאות יוקרה למנהלים
Magic Computer Chair
3,500 (2,991 Before VAT)
Toscana with PU leather
3,500 (2,991 Before VAT)
Ortal Executive Desk
3,500 (2,991 Before VAT)
Toscana executive desk with wood
6,500 (5,556 Before VAT)

Professional consultation and design adaptation of office furniture.

Quality office furniture manufactured according to the highest and most rigorous standards of office style!!.!.!. We offer a wide range of office furniture and office supplies at attractive and cheap prices in Israel. Office style experts will be happy to advise you on the appropriate furniture for different spaces in the office. Office furniture such as: Waiting corners and hospitality, information corners and reception desks, meeting rooms, executive rooms and more. We will also constantly renew our surplus operations on various office furniture items on the site. Our operations are unprecedented and discounts are of tens per cent.

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Personal Tailored Office

Today’s offices are not only spaces where people meet to work, but much more than that. Therefore, we are concerned about catching up with the renewed trends of the field, and to tailor the product to each customer personally. Customizing office furniture has become a fundamental necessity nowadays, due to the innovations in the design of the workplace, organizational culture, and awareness of the importance of safety and ergonomics of office furniture. We in office style know how to understand the specific needs of each customer and tailor the most suitable products. We do this and succeed thanks to the most courteous and professional service, and of course a high-years experience. The products and items of office furniture we have in stock we provide our customers with instant supplies, when office furniture is not in stock, arriving in no time.

Office furniture – All the solutions are under one roof.

In office style you can find everything you need to select High-quality, prestigious and designed office furniture. We offer a wide range of tables designed for executive rooms and meeting rooms, furniture for office positions and more. We also hold the large and varied inventory in Israel of office chairs in various styles, which are suitable for movement in the office area. If you’re looking for a luxury office furniture then in office style you will find an impressive selection of luxury furniture with luxurious executive armchairs, executive desks and more. You can also find sets designed for seating areas consisting of chairs or armchairs, and come with a matching table or office furniture designed for relaxation and leisure rooms, such as wild chairs in a variety of designs.
We are the oldest company in Israel in the field of office furniture and related products. As a result we provide our customers with the highest quality office furniture in Israel, while providing professional advice at the highest level. We frequently renew our furniture collections to meet the renewed standards and trends of the business world.
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