About Company Office style – upscale office furniture

Style Office company was founded in 1950 and is the oldest in Israel she began the first steps in a small shop at Street  Florentin 36 Tel Aviv, where it continues to operate the store until    another day we opened branch in the St. Bezalel 8 Diamond Exchange complex in Ramat   Gan.

The company is currently run by the third generation continues to promote and develop the business.

Style Office company develops and manufactures its products in factories which established in China, the company owns a huge Carpentry China luxury office furniture manufactures the highest standards and the most advanced level of finish.

It should be noted that the production capacity in our factory in China provides the best solution and the highest in the Israeli market there are natural veneer (real wood layer) and synthetic veneer.

Style Office company offers its customers: reliability, high level of service, most available (immediate delivery) and Best Price Guaranteed.

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Office-style group founded by the Lereya   family.