This is how you furnish the office without emptying your pockets

Renovating or renewing the office workspace? Looking for new office furniture? With us at Office Style, Israel’s leading office furniture company, you will enjoy an impressive, high-quality and diverse range of office furniture items in operation

Want  to enjoy the price without compromising on quality? Welcome to the Office Style Deals category … Our offers category includes dozens of office furniture items offered to you in super attractive sales promotions ranging from 20% up to 70% off instantly – without conditioning and no lowercase!

All of the office furniture items offered to you in our promotional category are quality products manufactured by the best office furniture manufacturers in Israel and around the world, with special offers including inventory and manufacturing surplus, design collections from previous years, and popular furniture products that we can’t find elsewhere at special prices

All types of office furniture in one place and at a winning price

Our promotional category includes office furniture with special offers throughout the year, all to enable each and every one of you to renew and replenish dozens of office furniture items at affordable and super attractive prices.

:Our promotional collection includes:

וDozens more items in our promotional catalog that allow you to enjoy the winning price without compromising on quality and service!


Office furniture – now more lucrative to purchase from our online sales site

Our special and exclusive prices for all types of furniture items you need for the office workspace are valid only as part of an online purchase on our sales site. These items change from time to time as we make sure to incorporate in our promotional category all the most popular and necessary types of furniture for the office work environment.
Our advanced sales site incorporates a payment status information form through which you choose the option between self-collection of the product and shipping in a carton to the office address. You also have the option to place an online order for freight and furniture services in your office..

Both winning price and uncompromising quality

The high discount rates we offer for each of the furniture items available to you in the promotional category allow you to enjoy the best prices in Israel as well as the highest quality furniture items in the industry, with each and every buyer on the site being able to join our customer club and enjoy dozens of hot deals for club members Only throughout the year.
We also invite you to join our ever-growing customer club and join thousands of office owners who are already upgrading their offices through our special promotional prices to club members on all the furniture products we market.
Served by Office Style – high quality office furniture at attractive prices since 1950



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