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An executive chair is one of the items that most prominently transmits the manager’s prestige and taste. Also executive chairs are also designed for extended use not to mention comfort and quality. After all, management work is largely an office job that requires long hours of concentration and work from a sitting position. Therefore, executive chairs we offer are not only impressive, but just as comfortable as they look – with deep, soft and comfortable upholstery and highly ergonomic design.

Patrick white Executive Chair
750 (641 Before VAT)
Patrick Black Executive Chair
850 (726 Before VAT)
Executive chair-Florida model
750 (641 Before VAT)
Executive Chair Model Nitzan
799 (683 Before VAT)
Exclusive chair model Galaxy with Footstool
2,199 (1,879 Before VAT)
1,550 (1,325 Before VAT)
Galaxy executive chair, aluminium foot
1,999 (1,709 Before VAT)
1,350 (1,154 Before VAT)
Galaxy executive chair
1,999 (1,709 Before VAT)
1,350 (1,154 Before VAT)
Executive chair, Magic 1
4,300 (3,675 Before VAT)
3,300 (2,821 Before VAT)
Senior executive chair
2,000 (1,709 Before VAT)
1,400 (1,197 Before VAT)
Leather Executive Chair Aviv
2,300 (1,966 Before VAT)
A working bike chair
750 (641 Before VAT)
Netanel Leather Executive Chair
2,300 (1,966 Before VAT)
Narkis Computer Chair
490 (419 Before VAT)
Kaisar Executive Chair
749 (640 Before VAT)
Elite B Executive chair high
750 (641 Before VAT)
כסאות מנהלים
Oz manager chair
1,650 (1,410 Before VAT)
Lewis executive chair
499 (426 Before VAT)
Apollo executive chair for computer
1,299 (1,110 Before VAT)
Hermon Executive Chair
700 (598 Before VAT)
Omer Executive Chair
1,850 (1,581 Before VAT)
כסאות יוקרה למנהלים
Magic Computer Chair
3,500 (2,991 Before VAT)

Executive Chair – Comfort and Style

A chair is a mandatory item in any office. Behind an impressive conference table is the complementary item that can complete the look of the entire office in luxury and elegance. An executive chair is usually made of upscale materials such as leather or advanced materials and are developed by the polymer industry. These materials have a special appearance, pleasant touch, and great durability. The entire design of an executive chair is more suited to the design of an upscale office, which is reflected in a deep padding that offers maximum comfort, a high backrest and a more massive appearance of the chair itself. Chairs containing elements made of wood will usually contain more luxurious types of wood with impressive nail polish finishes.

Executive chairs we offer

We offer a wide range of executive chairs, and tailor them to each client according to their requirements. Some of our Office Style chairs also feature a large, massive backrest that features a thick cushion and a backrest that supports the head area. The armrests are also extremely comfortable and made of high quality materials, with an exterior finish of a comfortable fabric for the contact that surrounds the metal. The armrests also come in a variety of designs, from which our customers can choose the one that suits them best: rounded and metallic, or continuous and highly cushioned. Some of the chairs can be ordered in genuine leather upholstery and some come in a design that incorporates leather, in upscale shades that blend well into any office and office such as black, dark brown, brown and more. Other chairs come in a design that allows maximum back area ventilation with thin, breathable fabrics. Because of our wide selection and variety, we recommend that you look carefully at our catalog and choose your favorite model. We are here to answer questions if needed.

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