manager desks

We have a wide propositions of executive desks offering a variety
of styles for our clients.
You can find a classic design desk with us such as the Roma and Ortal model, minimalist design tables such as the Venice wave or epoxy model offered in venga or white, and more. The emphasis on a massive and elegant wood finish can be found in the master tables, the Galle of Venice and Rome, combining wood shades such as venga and more.

Executive Tables Acquire in Office Style! You can be impressed by sophisticated and elegant design desks, which contribute greatly to the improvement of the interior of any office, such as the florence Veneer Model, ORTAL Natural Veneer Model,Rome  Model Desk, Gal venice Sample Table and more. These tables also include another separate corner unit, in the shade and style of the table itself, which provides additional storage space for different uses. 

The importance of executive desks

One of the most prominent pieces of furniture in any manager’s office is the executive desk. Even in large business offices, the manager’s desk and work environment are very much indicative of those sitting across from them, as well as the entire business: Does the desk look upscale and fancy, or made of simple materials that tend to wear out quickly? Is the workspace designed so that all furniture items are matched and positioned in a comfortable space design that allows for pleasant work, or does the eclectic look and furnishings differ in style and appearance?

Many executives understand the need for a solid desktop investment, both for personal enjoyment while working, as well as for the impression that this creates on entering the manager’s room

Advanced executive desk designs

n addition to the models already mentioned, we offer specially designed models. The TOKIO model offers a sophisticated and up-to-date combination of nickel along with the wooden parts of the table, the executive table model Romeis offered in alon finish, as well as other models in this finish, also available in white. In addition, we can order an executive desk with a glass surface over metal legs, which compares a light and bright case to the office. For all desks we would also be happy to fit a suitable chair so that the entire workspace becomes very comfortable.

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