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Office chairs, if they are, are optimally designed to allow comfortable work in the office environment, or work whose character is office and usually involves prolonged sitting. The office environment has many office holders, each of which can be fitted with an office chair designed for their specific needs, as we at Office Style know how to do

Unique designed chair
700 (598 Before VAT)
כסא מזכירה
Millennium Computer Chair
699 (597 Before VAT)
Saddle chair with backrest
600 (513 Before VAT)
Moran computer chair
499 (426 Before VAT)
GAL Computer Chair
499 (426 Before VAT)
Low back Omega
599 (512 Before VAT)
White Jupiter Computer Chair
650 (556 Before VAT)
X Computer Chair
599 (512 Before VAT)
Mercury Computer Chair
649 (555 Before VAT)
Anat Computer Chair
860 (735 Before VAT)
A working bike chair
750 (641 Before VAT)
Roy computer chair
350 (299 Before VAT)
299 (256 Before VAT)
Oliver computer chair
650 (556 Before VAT)
Venus Computer Chair
650 (556 Before VAT)
Jupiter Computer Chair
699 (597 Before VAT)
Jasmine Computer Chair
399 (341 Before VAT)
Raphael Computer Chair
750 (641 Before VAT)
Computer Chair Carmel Model
399 (341 Before VAT)
Elite B Executive chair high
750 (641 Before VAT)
Elite B chair low back
650 (556 Before VAT)
Office chair Omega B
550 (470 Before VAT)
Alon computer chair
750 (641 Before VAT)

What office chairs do we offer

             We at Office Style offer our clients office chairs for diverse and changing needs. Among other things, we can find chairs that are executive chairs, that is, those with relatively large dimensions of the armrest and the restaurant, which allow for relaxed seating and reclining. These office chairs usually include thick, soft padding, support for the arm area and a headrest, so that the user is comfortable. The design of executive chairs is striking in that they are made of materials such as leather, leather substitutes or advanced breathable fabrics. Despite the differences in roles, all chairs should have a common denominator related to the comfort and ergonomics they offer the user, so that they can assist them in prolonged work without getting tired and suffering from uncomfortable sitting. All of our chairs are equipped with wheels that allow easy movement from one place to another in the office work space, characterized by small distances between useful objects: desktop, printer area and more.


Other office types

Here you will find an office chair designed for office rooms or waiting rooms, office design armchairs, or an office chair with special upholstery for perfect comfort, made of high quality materials. Our office chairs are offered to our clients at the cheapest prices in Israel. You can also find conference room chairs in a variety of designs and upholstery, chairs for the secretariat area, chairs for non-office populations, such as school or college students and many more. Also pay attention to chairs designed for the specific needs of various professionals in the office such as: a drawing chair that contains an additional support area for the legs in the shape of a metal hoop, and does not include struts for the arm area. This chair is lightweight and portable especially in the office area.

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