reception desk

Luxurious reception desk Sivan
6,500 (5,556 Before VAT)
MOR reception Desk
4,900 (4,188 Before VAT)
Marganit reception Desk
5,200 (4,444 Before VAT)
Hartsit reception Desk
6,480 (5,538 Before VAT)
Harel Reception Desk
4,700 (4,017 Before VAT)
Dori Reception desk
4,500 (3,846 Before VAT)
דלפקי קבלה
Nili Reception desk
4,500 (3,846 Before VAT)
דלפקי קבלה
New York Reception desk
3,500 (2,991 Before VAT)
2,999 (2,563 Before VAT)
Kelly Reception desk
2,500 (2,137 Before VAT)
2,100 (1,795 Before VAT)
Robin Reception Desk
5,400 (4,615 Before VAT)
Iris reception desk
5,400 (4,615 Before VAT)
Miron Reception Desk
5,400 (4,615 Before VAT)
  • Reception counters at an attractive price An impressive reception desk is one of the first and most prominent items for customers. The counters we supply to our clients are made of the finest materials, and come with rounded glass that compares the appearance of luxury and elegant office furniture. Thus, the counter can fit into the luxury design of the office rather than appear as a separate item, but its presence is already evident at the entrance to the office.he counters we offer are tailored to different office space sizes: those that can be located in several counters or large counters designed for staffing by a number of employees at the entrance to the office. In addition, we provide smaller counters. We can order a combination of two or more counters, which are calculated in the office
  • The importance of reception counters
  • In many cases, the front desk will be among the first items the customer first enters into a business. Therefore, they will also be among the first to create an impression for him about the identity of the place: prestigious, designed, meticulous and more. As you know, there is no second chance to make a first impression. Reception counters should be part of the landscape and fit in with the entire design trend, but it is a big and prominent item that is almost mandatory for the customer to access at some point. Upon entering an official institution such as a government office, even then the customer will be delayed at the counter.
  • Quality counters at attractive prices.
  • The front counters we offer to our customers are not only made from the finest materials and designed in the most prestigious and advanced fashion, but they are also offered for very attractive prices. Their internal design ensures operational convenience for the user, by providing a particularly convenient division of the interior of the counter into sub-spaces, a computer stand and even space tailored to the logistics needs of the office (not visible on the outside of the counter). In addition, the height of the counter can be suitable for sitting behind, or for standing height to comfortably serve the customer.

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