Upholstered chairs / spare parts

Chair upholstery, office chair repair and all related to furniture maintenance are one of a variety of areas we specialize in Office Style. We offer our clients solutions that are most suitable for them, so that we can find and answer office furniture issues for every type of business and every unique feature of an office. We understand that part of our clients’ marketing and image, whether it is a business or an office providing services to the general public, is its outward appearance. Therefore, we offer all office furniture consulting and customization services, as well as solutions in case of common faults or answering in case of need for furniture renewal, such as chair upholstery.

Chair upholstery – resume rather than buy

Chairs and armchairs that are used regularly are exposed, among other things, to wear. While the higher the quality of the chair upholstery, the more careful it is to keep it clean with the appropriate materials and its integrity by removing sharp objects from it, the longer it will be, the end of each chair upholstery will be eroded over time.

Our offer

We offer a chair repair and upholstery service for office chairs and armchairs, by the best of experts in this field who have gained extensive experience in various types of chair renewals and upholstery replacements. You can choose to replace the upholstery with a type of cushion similar to the original in terms of texture or color, but you can take the opportunity and choose a completely different upholstery that will give a new character to the entire office.

For example, classic leather-like upholstery can be substituted for non-standard leather or non-standard prints, breathable and easy-to-clean fabrics, or interesting and impressive fabrics.

Chair upholstery – additional services

Please note that chair upholstery replacement services are provided by all companies, even those who are not among the clientele who purchase furniture from us. In addition, we can be used to repair additional parts of the office chairs, such as repairing or replacing the wheels, repairing the pistons and repairing the chair mechanisms, as they are also subject to malfunction and wear and tear, whether due to improper use or material fatigue.

All types of services provided by us come from extensive experience, expertise and cheap prices.

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