office style regulations

The site/store serves as an electronic shopping mall for office furniture, such as executive chairs, computer chairs, work chairs, guest chairs, standby chairs, computer desks, standby tables, executive tables, front desk, meeting desk,working desk .
The purchase on the site is subject to the terms listed in this bylaws
1. The website is entitled to be purchased at the site of 18 and above, with a residential address in Israel, and the owners of an electronic mail cell in Israel, which have a valid credit card in Israel
2. An early condition for the validity of a tender participant’s winning is the approval of the company as a member of the transaction and!.!.!. 3. The terms and conditions of this policy will apply to any use and will be used in the Office style store, the regulations constitute a binding agreement between you and the store, for everything and interest
4. Purchasing a product in the Office style store is your agreement to accept and abide by the regulations, so if you do not agree to the terms of this policy, you are requested not to make use of the store.
5. All the details of the articles presented equal to both male and female sexes, the use of male or female language is for convenience only
6. The photos displayed on the website are for illustrative purposes only and do not have an image of office style

Buying and ordering products in the site

At the shop/store. Office style will allow you to buy/purchase office furniture, office chair,

1.Executive table, meeting table in various colors and sizes, at the lowest prices with no gaps in the right of the International Office style retail company.
2. Ordering products at the Office style site and booking, and providing the reservation only after receiving and receiving the reservation in the Office style system
3. The client must provide non-erroneous identification information (providing incorrect personal information is prohibited by law and constitutes a criminal offense under a penal law)
4. In a normal sale, a limited amount of products are offered for sale in advance
5. The completion of the sale procedure is conditional on the approval and verification of the transaction by phone or by e-mail of the participant within 48 hours of the order of the reservation, and that the product exists in Stock/warehouse office style when the sale process is completed. If the product is out of stock, office style will notify the purchaser within 2 days of phone business or by e-mail
6. Immediately following the approval of the transaction, the sale will be registered in the store’s computers and the details of the transaction can be seen in the store’s link in the shop up to 48 hours from the time of delivery of the details
7. The details entered on the registration page, and the registration of the transaction in the store’s computers will constitute a distributive view of the correctness of the actions
A prerequisite for the product supply of Office style is the approval of credit card companies to the transaction.
9. If the transaction is not approved by the customer, the client will receive a suitable message, and office style will not provide the goods until the customer is paid or approved by the credit card companies
10. Office style will present in the store/site full details about the product estate/or service, price, delivery time, etc
11. Office style will be available to the client in providing additional details.

Cancel Transaction/Return product

The custome ras the right to return the product (s) purchased in office style within 5 days from the date of receipt of the product.
The product will be returned to office style in its original packaging without blemish or wear.
It is an order to make a product return to the customer to contact Office style and coordinate the return
In the event of cancellation of the transaction, the customer will be charged 5% but not more than 100 NIS, in accordance with the provisions of the law.
The cancellation fee will be charged only when canceling a defect or mismatch between the product and the technical specification appearing on the site.
Product return delivery fee will apply to the customer
It is not possible to return/replace products that were ordered in non-standard or special color sizes, according to the customer’s requirement

Office style may cancel a transaction or a whole or seamless sale in the following cases:

A mistake has been made, whether at the price of the product or in the description of the product, or a mistake in the stock listing on Office style computers
If a communication malfunction or technical problem is prevented from surfers on the site, use the site properly.
In the case of a Higher power, act of war, hostilities, terrorism and/or anything else that will prevent the continued execution of a proper sale
In the event of the product inventory after the sale is sold, the store is entitled to cancel the sale and/or offer an equivalent exchange product.:


All the details that the customer is giving at the time of registration on the Office style site, and all purchases are implemented in the Office style computer database and will not be transferred to any other factor.
We prevent unauthorized entry into our databases, we have implemented physical, technological and electronic procedures to secure the information we collect on the site.

The product supply.

The product will be supplied according to the conditions in the performance on the product page
Product supply times purchased by Office style as indicated on the sale page/product, i.e., not including Friday Shabbat, holiday eves and holiday days
It is possible to collect the product’s self-collection, at the shop at Ramat Gan Bezalel St. 8 – The TASE complex or Jerusalem.
Furniture details of the heavy supply will be carried out by a leading and professional component with a special extra charge
In the event of an abnormal transport at the discretion of the supplier or carrier or if it is required for special equipment or a crane, these ups will apply to the client
And no shipping cost was specified on the product page, the client’s responsibility to call and check the price/transport in front of office style

Customer Service

 חOffice style is about customer service for any question or inquiry about the products offered for sale in the Office style website, technical service, technical specifications, information about product manipulation.
We’re going to the customer service on!.!.! phones

. No.: 03-7521715
Fax: 03-7521716.

Email: [email protected]

Office style store address Ramat Gan: 8 Bezalel St., Ramat Gan.

Address of the Office style store at Jerusalem: Poalei Tzedek Street 3, Talpiot



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